Made 4 Math: Friday Letters and Station Clipboards

Thanks to @RebeckaMozdeh for her idea of Friday letters: students have the option to write her a letter on Fridays instead of doing the bell ringer.

I just happened to have my old mailbox and some shiny spray paint. And a little chevron never hurt anybody. 

 Cute, right? I know.

Next up, for station work, gluing a clipboard to a bookend means you can easily change out directions!

Bought book ends at yard sales, clip boards at Dollar Tree, had my own teal spray paint (obvi), and a little more green chevron never hurt anybody.

I also covered the clipboard with mod podge in hopes that students won't peel my tape off.



  1. Oh, those station clipboards are awesome. I like them much better than the acrylic frames. Nice work!

  2. LOVE the clipboards!!! Great idea and thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your clipboards! Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. YAYYY for Friday Letters!! What a perfect mailbox!! <3