#TMC15 Teacher Woman (aka #fawncrush)

Teacher Woman
Fawn Nguyen

Saturday Keynote
Claremont, CA

The Five F's


Building relationships trumps content, pedagogy, common core, testing

Rita Pierson Ted Talk- Every Kid Needs a Champion

Relationships with Administrators

  • realize that administrators care the same but show it differently -Glenn Waddell
  • respect the position
  • put things in writing
  • invite them in the classroom
  • never bad mouth admin

Relationships with Colleagues

  • be willing to share ALL the lessons
  • imagine YOUR kid in their class
  • take care of each other
  • speak well of them to students

Relationships with Parents

  • the parent is always right
  • parents are sending us their best
  • do not judge

Relationships with Students

  • be honest with them
  • guarantee a safe environment
  • respect them and get to know them, laugh with them

Fawn's Sayings

  • 'That makes me fart'
  • 'Figure it out and make it happen'
    • Be solution oriented
    • Be a risk taker
    • Be powerful
  • 'Nobody cares'
    • Focus on what matters
    • Giving kids time to talk and do math is more important than the pacing guide
    • Family time is more important than homework time
    • Focus on the positives
    • Focus on YOU, let's stop looking for affirmations
  • 'That's not a choice' (for students)
    • Defining boundaries
    • Teaching respect and tolerance
    • Empowering students
  • 'That's not a choice' (for educators)
    • Providing equal access
    • Giving students our best
It's ALWAYS about the students! 

(insert crying emjois x 100 here)

I've twitter-known Fawn for a while and definitely read her blog- and sometimes not read it just to shield myself from the awesomeness. I used visualpatterns.org once a week this entire school year. And Friday at TMC Fawn-IRL came up to me, knew me IRL name, hugged me, and said it was nice to meet ME! And I said "Nice to meet you.....awkward silence....I don't know what to say." Smooth. But I recovered and asked her about sessions. So I'm already super pumped. On the last day, I ran to get a fangirl picture with her when she tells me that *I* was one of the first blogs she followed. *gasp* So anytime you feel like no one is reading your posts or tweets, just remember, you never know when and where a Fawn might be lurking!

Her keynote was super hilarious. I will let these tweets tell the story:

And then it went so fast to emotional that I didn't even have time to think about Kleenex. It was so touching to see a teacher of over 27 years that is still moved to tears over how much she cares about her students. 

And in that moment, I saw myself in her. 

I will never be bitter or angry. I will never stop caring. I will never stop changing and growing. I will never stop getting better. I will never stop loving my students.

That's what a teacher woman does.

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  1. It was WONDERFUL to finally meet you, Elissa. I was your original fangirl. I was asking Hedge already on Wednesday night [at game night] from a distance if that was you because I wanted to rush over to meet you and give you a hug!! But you were talking with others. Thank you so much for this post. You were part of the best audience any speaker could ask for. I'm truly blessed to be a part of this community. xox