I Will Survive

My anti-resolution resolutions are a combination of things I want to do and not do. Of course these come naturally considering I've only been teaching for one week and a day but hey, it's a goal.

  1. I will keep a positive attitude in the classroom, regardless of circumstances outside of the classroom.
  2. I will not give up on helping my students make progress, no matter how little that progress seems.
  3. I will not kill myself this year trying to be the best, but I will strive for excellence.

1 comment:

  1. I'm a third year teacher and I have to say the best thing I did for myself my 1st year was observe other teachers. I'm non-traditional and do not have an education degree. I had not experience in classroom management. Ask around and find out who is the best at different things: classroom management, presenting material, etc. and ask if you may observe them during your planning period. Most teachers are more than happy to help a newbie.