5 Things I Haven't Done (and Everyone Else Has)

  1. Bought anything from Starbucks
  2. Flown on an airplane
  3. Went trick-or-treating
  4. Played Monopoly
  5. Ate a Big Mac, Whopper, or White Castle burger

List inspired by (stolen from) the Mike and Mike ESPN Radio Show.

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  1. Of the items on your list, #2 and #4 are actually really important for your professional growth.

    Traveling to far off places, even within the US, exposes you to a lot of new ideas and ways of thinking. It also provides knowledge and experience that you can bring to students who probably haven't had the opportunity to travel to said place. I can't tell you how many students thought about college for the first time or were invested in class because of the worldly things we could talk about!

    As far as Monopoly, there's a lot of math and economics involved and you can use it in class as a real life example for a wide range of stuff.

    Good luck in Week 2!

  2. Wow. Interesting list. Never flown on an airplane? You must have an interesting background to have not done some of these things.

    I agree with Mr. D as well...

  3. I definitely agree. I've never had the money to fly anywhere, but now that I have a career, I hope to make that happen as soon as possible. I have traveled to at least 10-12 other states but always by car or bus.

    As for Monopoly, I'm not sure why I've never played. I've played tons of other games but that is one I will have to look into.

    Thanks for your responses!

  4. I have never been to Starbucks, or eaten a White Castle burger.

  5. (1) I'm at Starbucks Monday through Friday every week....I don't get how you have not gone yet! First name basis with every barista there!
    (2) I'm okay with you not having flown before...trust me, too much hassle
    (3) You're never too old to trick-or-treat
    (4) No one should EVER eat that crap!

  6. I work at home. The nearest Starbucks is 30 minutes away and I don't like coffee or coffee flavored anything.