Made 4 Math #24 City Design Project

Recently finished up a unit on parallel lines and transversals and used this as an alternative assessment. I found this four years ago somewhere and have modified it and added reflection questions to it. I have no idea where I found this so let me know if I can give credit to somebody.

Until then, I'm taking partial credit. :)

I used a checklist to grade because I was too lazy to create a nicely done rubric.

Here are some student samples:


  1. This is great--makes me wish I taught Geometry!

  2. Love it! Did the kids struggle with this? Your students are in high school correct? I was thinking about this with some advanced middle school students.

    1. Yes, the class I did this with is mostly sophomores and advanced freshman.

  3. Did the same thing with my students and the loved it. Lead to a lot of discussions of placement of the buildings/locations - great stuff. So much better than a boring worksheet for sure.

  4. Love this! I'm going to modify for my Common Core 7th grade class when we do angles in a few months.

  5. I’m trying to help my sister with a project like this and i need help!