New Year Rezzies

What I Would Like To Happen:
  1. Get skinnier
  2. Get prettier
  3. Get married
  4. Get rich
  5. Get smarter
What Will Happen:
  1. I will turn 26 (I prefer even numbers)
  2. I will end my third year teaching and start my fourth 
  3. I will pay off my third and final credit card
  4. I will meet Erin Gruwell
  5. I will be halfway through grad school

    What Might Happen:
    1. I might blog once a week instead of going blog crazy in December 2012.
    2. I might remember that no one is a finished product and have more patience.
    3. I might plan for success instead of planning to try every new idea ever.
    4. I might write more positive letters home to parents.
    5. I might buy a house.

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