Week 27 and 28

I like teaching graphing systems of linear inequalities.

I don't really know what it is except maybe I like the coloring. Anyway, here is my intro to graphing a linear inequality, which I am really proud of by the way. It's nothing exciting but it worked well and looks good, which is an excellent combination. Here's the link to the homework I assigned from a website I really like and use a lot.

From there, we moved to graphing systems of inequalities (here is the notes without the shading and whatnot). I stole these Powerpoints and modified them and I ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY love them. Whoever made them did an excellent job and made my life so much easier! Next time, I will use this idea for my intro to graphing a linear inequality. I was worried about this unit because I'm still not sure they grasp graphing lines (which is terrible, I know) but I think this actually helped them. Because graphing wasn't the main focus, it was a step they had to take to get to the finish line, so they didn't really notice it and did it by accident. Which is a great way to re-enforce those skills.

And because my kids needed those skills re-enforced, here is part 2 and part 2 notes. And homework again.

And the mini quiz.

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